5 Specs ^^ Wednesday, October 10, 2007

haha u guys might be thinking...
"wat the world is five specs???"

Explanation ^^
is 5 specifications for my production of biodiesel ^^
woohoo we meet all 5 specifications ^^ finally something good has happened to me here.
although we may not come in first for the production cos there are still 3 more grps to go but the mark is awesome enough ^^ Thanks guys for being there throughout the production. i feel tat we realli did a great job hehe

well biodiesel is a so-called fuel for cars ^^ and we are suppose to made it from fresh vege oil. and we did it woohoo. we actualli produced 18L from the 20L of vege oil.
i realli love my group. this is my first time working with them. and i muz say tat they are real smart ppl and most importantly nice to the core ^^

working on my thesis again.... and a presentation in 3 wks time..
no more grumbling.... hang it there ^^ bachelor degree is almost finishing
and we will be off for a road trip woohoo


大头虾 [ 8:40 PM ]


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