Nice Weather and KFC ^^ Monday, October 01, 2007

nice weather and KFC...... haha wat's the link????
well is extremely good weather today in Sydney ^^ despite the howling of the wind yesterday nite...... today is superb..... clear blue sky plus is not freezing ^^

so how does this KFC comes abt???? well since is a fantastic day, so we decided to go centennial park (i forgot the spelling.... arhhh hack lah....) for picnic. since we went in a hurry so we decided to buy KFC to eat instead ^^ *wicked wings* yummy ^^
so daniel the driver came to pick us up haha so we bought KFC and some herbal tea... not forgetting ice-cream. is a "must" food after lunch hahahahah........
so we set off for picnic

spend half an hr eating and abt abt 1 hr plus strolling and watching the dogs ^^
is cool, and veri relaxing ^^
so we tell ourselves we shld do this more often ^^ although we said so but the day never come.... haiz.....

whenever we see families having BBQ, we have an urge to go over ^^
we even thought of an excuse.....
"Hi aunties long time no see ^^ still remembers us???" haha we were like sososo lame......

ya we saw a sausage dog along the way ^^
and daniel was like "oohh i wan this dog..."
fred replied, " so u can eat it when u are hungry..."
daniel: " how u noe???"
Us: " eeekkkkk daniel u are hopeless...... -_-
daniel:" juz joking lah...."
we juz shook our head -_-

is a fun day
the "ang mo" realli noe how to enjoy life ^^
is realli diff from singapore.......
the dogs here are so cute ^^ love love

Is my eyes playing trick on me???
i was finding this anime disc the whole of yesterday -_-
guess wat..... today it juz seat comfortably on the tabe....
arhhhhhh............. gonna get kill by my fren -_-

today is a fun day
thanks daniel ^^
sch starts tml arhhhhhh............


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