Some Updates to my Blog ^^ Saturday, July 28, 2007

since i have the time so i have done some updating to my blog ^^
it has been a long time since i last update >_<
I am juz being veri lazy

this week is pretty oki cos is onli the start of uni ^^
but can sense that hell is goin to come pretty soon -_- eeekkkk
so will be "BUSY"
is good in the sense as life will be more meaningful ^^
afterall i am a workaholic mah

juz finish reading my cousin's blog
haha interesting ^^ *monster*
no offence... juz wanted to say that this word is no longer in my dictionary
when is the last time that i have used this word??
haiz..... i am juz sososo old o_O

rite now... beside studying and thesis....
guess wat i did???
participating in Bodhi Nite
is here once again ^^
is realli fun ^^
again i took part in Choir and dance as well ^^

when i introduce myself to the grp, i said it in such a way:
"Hi I am Esther, 2nd yr in Choir"
All of them started laughing..... including my good fren who is also the president

is it tat funny >_<

so today when one of my fren who joined last yr happened to miss a key on purpose.... my president was like "u can't do tat u are in second yr of Choir Degree"
then she turned to me and say "Is tat rite, Esther"
I couldn't stop laughing and juz said "Stop it lah"
haa ahaaa

so it will be FUN this yr ^^

goin to watch more anime ^^


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