U look like u are from gal sch........... Wednesday, June 20, 2007

do i realli look like those gals frm gal sch???
which part of me look like one???
my looks??? or the way i carry myself????

i am not frm gal sch...... neither is my primary nor my secondary............
never a gal sch.............

i was asked twice by my schmates and an outsider in like two times in a week.......

they were like.....
Them: Esther which secondary did u go to???
me: i dun think u noe, Yishun.
Them: oohh yishun
me:ya u noe tat station, yishun, yup one of the sch there.
Them: oohh i thought u frm st nick.
me: huh??? why???
Them: cos u haf those gal sch look
me: ohh... ?????

Outsider........... cashier guy frm newsagency while i was paying for the stuffs i bought.....
Him: hi where are u frm????
me: s'pore
Him:ohh then which secondary sch did u go to??
me: huh??? secondary sch???
as in hello i am nw in aussie and u are some random ppl. hw many secondary sch in s'pore do u noe???
Him: oohh i studied my secondary sch in s'pore as well...
me: ohhh (in mind was like tell me tat earlier lah)..... yishun.....
Him: i studied in toa payoh......
me: oki
Him: i thought u frm st nick....
me: no i am not. (ending with a smile and walked off politely...)

me gal sch???? frm st nick????
ehhh do i haf those typical st nick look?????
obviously not.........
and i dun even talked like those gal sch ppl
why do ppl kept linking me and them together???

haiz ppl are juz weird >_<
seriously i do like to try being in a gal sch hehe
and furthermore, my best frens in primary sch, they all went to st nick.

but i still prefer yishu sec, not the sch but the ppl.
cos i get to meet CREEPY KAMX there hehe

LOVE U gals muakie

大头虾 [ 2:29 PM ]


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