Dinner with the Kids ^^ Friday, February 16, 2007

not kids actualli coz they are all 19 yr old
but seems i am 4 yrs older i feel like the big sister there haaa ahaa

My baby cousin is also one of them hee ehee

today me, tania, gabriel, shawn and Isa went to eat dinner ^^
hw i know them????
we are in the same company doin tempt
wonderful time
and we called ourselves the "Polar Bears"
why Polar Bears????
cos we need to do some training
as we supposed to answer calls.
we always waited for like 45 - 1 hr for our supervisors to be back
so we played games among ourselves
so this Polar Bear games came to our minds
this game realli built up our bonding ^^

I realli love them
is good to be young ^^

Shawn bought me Sin choco
realli sweet of him
he is veri "ON" too, even today's dinner there were onli 5 of us. he still came cos he says tat long time dine see us.
we haf our dinner at Carl's Jr
cos we think tat wat we eating is not important, is the catching up part.

so we have been updating each other cos Shawn workplace is different frm us ^^

haiz will miss them so muchie
is realli fortunate to have known them
Hope they really get good results for their A level
i know they would ^^

Love Love

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