Aroma Fest and Hot Pot ^^ Monday, July 23, 2007

Went Aroma Fest yesterday ^^ Last Outing before actual school starts....

went with seniors and unifrens ^^

Aroma fest is basically a fest for ppl who love coffee ^^
there are realli all sorts of diff kinds of coffee o_O
but since i can't drink coffee..... i go for their hot choco
we drank like the $1 hot choco and coffee.....
it tasted ermmm.......... not nice >_< no wonder $1 but lots of ppl queue for it..... dun understd why...... maybe is cheap... tat's why -_-

Look at the ppl and stalls ^^

the place sold cup cakes and honey, etc.....
bought a bottle of honey ^^ *yummy*
and the cup cakes are realli cute, it looks so pretty tat they looked like fake ^^

Giant Cup Cake
is "REAL"

We wan to have a bite too ^^ open my mouth too big... my saliva nearly drop into the cup cake
haa ahaaa

Look at the diff types of choco ^^ pretty rite hehe

See our Happy face hehe ^^

The thing that we like to do in winter is..... make a guess?? hehe

The soup and many diff kinds of dishes ^^

is realli heaven to eat hot pot during winter
I love it
had been eating lots of Hot Pot this winter ^^
this Hot Pot is in Burwood and is delicious... superb
and is not expensive ^^

The one on the left is extremely spicy o_O

we went to sing ktv after the hot pot ^^
is $2/hr for each person ^^ veri cheap
but we dun haf much voice left after eating the spicy side -_-

Is realli fun hehe

Love Love

大头虾 [ 7:21 PM ]


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