Holiday is Here ^^ Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Finally the awaited holiday is here ^^
words can't realli express my feeling nw ^^
has plenty of sleep yesterday heeeheee and today
hahaa i juz woke up........... it has been such a long time since i haf slept for so long w/o any worries.........
not to mention the day after design project....... i slept frm like 6pm to 10.30am...... unbelievable.... but is true haha............
but this time round i can sleep al i wan ^^ cos i need not worry abt finals anymore cos is HOLIDAY woohoo
we realli survive this hell semester...... hurray to all chem eng 4th yr haaa ahaaa

packed my rm the whole of yesterday cos is i complete mess..... when i say messy i realli mean it..... is not a joke >_<
when my classmate saw my room she was like o_O so u can imagine hw messy it is haaa ahaa

Is my Birthday today hee ehee
Happy Birthday to Me hee ehee
wah one yr older but who cares in my heart i am onli 20 (juz to make myself feel better haaa ahaa)

ya i called michelle yesterday and we haf a long chat ^^ love talking to her heee heee
updates had also been done hee ehee
woah i realli miss s'pore alot ><

this 4 mths in sch passed realli quick. haf been thinking wat haf i done?? beside studying and projects and tons of them not to mention reports ><
guess i haf been a total nerd haaa ahaa

Daddy's birthday celebration ^^

Clubbing at Lush ^^ met lots of frens there is superb

The start of semester party haa ahaaa "Pre-grad party" is it wat they call??? haa haaa

Not to mention nerd time haaa ahaaa "evidence to prove tat we are working on design project" haa ahaa at law ^^

some pics tat we haf taken haa ahaa but my hair is longer and more messy -_-
oki lah not a complete nerd rite ^^

since i am having holiday nw so i will blog more heee ehee
finger cross cos i seldom blog haaa ahaa

oki lah tat's all

Love Love

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