We are Proud of Ourselves ^^ Thursday, June 28, 2007

haha why do i say tat???
we manage to do lots of stuffs today in 4 hrs ^^
never in our life in Aussie haf we done so much stuffs ^^
Me and Jan, we went out at ard 3 plus to the city to get my stuff print
as my mum's birthday is coming, we went to Myers to buy her pressie (Elizabeth Arden anti-aging product) ^^
then went to get photoframe and my comic frm Kino ^^

Guess wat we do after tat?? we went to watch movie (the fantastic 4)
erm is pretty nice not tat bad ^^
i like the physics term tat they haf used inside ^^ veri sophisticated.

we went to haf a drink at starbucks and chit-chat before heading for dinner.

met up wif Liv they all for dinner at JuJu's, a very nice jap restaurant, they sell delicious food ^^
Realli veri fruitful ^^

oki goin to sleep nw.....
goin airport in less than 6 hrs cos mummy coming to sydney hehe
yeah ^^

Love Love

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