Miss Saigon Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My first musical in Sydney
haa ahaaa happy ^^
is been a long time since i last seen a musical ^^
was it "Ma Ma Mia" or "Sound of Music"
is definitely like 3 yrs ago

Here it is...... Miss Saigon is rite here in Sydney woohoo

juz finish watching it ^^ is superb
especially the helicopter effect ^^
but the ending is sad >_<
i cried -_-
is there love???
will love be forgotten after a few yrs......... my answer is "yes".....
Haiz..... i dun believe in love anymore.... is bullshit..... is painful as well.......

the actors and actresses have good vocal ^^ wish i have tat kind of voice hehe
tat will be great haha
is a must watch musical ^^

hehe our tickets for the show

some ice-cream before the show
i simply love ice-cream *yummy*

In the theatre hehe ^^
is taken secretly haa ahaaa
cos no camera allow >_<

one more pic before we go haaahaaa

wait almost forgot ^^
our ticket comes wif a free meal
how good is tat haa ahaaa

my fish of the day plus salad ^^

Jan's salmon, looks delicious ^^

Colin's pasta ^^

is realli a good deal ^^
we get to eat good food and we actualli get a pretty good seat
is rite at the centre *thumbs up* heehee

my first musical with frens woohoo
is fun ^^
i hope to see phantom too
hope they do come to sydney ^^ or else i will fly over to melbourne haahaa

I juz love musical ^^

p.s: my post now will be cheerful ^^ cos is no point writing something tat is sad
we must live to be happy not sad rite
hehe yeah


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