Happy Birthday Uncle Heda ^^ Thursday, September 27, 2007

haha not much of an uncle lah..... he is onli one yr older than me ^^

Presenting the birthday boy haha

Heda with his blur look, at least he smile
cos he never smile in camera -_-

Singing birthday song to him ^^

sabotage time haha.......
we made him stand up on the chair and sing birthday song to himself
first time heard him singing cos he never sing..... not even in ktv........

Cutting cake ^^

acting guy by feeding each other cake haahaaa
there is a better one where Jimmy gave him a kiss on the cheek haaa ahaaa is videoed so haf to upload in you-tube....... so hilarious..... we laughed non-stop........

The gang who are there to celebrate his birthday ^^
see he dine smile haha
so is quite rear to see him smile in picture.... have to be candid haha


You are a great fren ^^
thanks for helping me all this times with both schworks and laptop hehe
Wish u all the best in watever u do ^^

The cake
I bought the cake in the afternoon and kept it in the fridge in my office ^^
so they wait for me after sch to walk to the restaurant together. as i was carrying too many books is not possible for me to hold the cake..... so i ask John to carry it for me.... Heda was like "my cake?" i replied "yup".
then i say "no need surprised rite hahahaah"
then John said "later muz add surprised oki" "like oohhh u guys bought cake for me and muz shed tears oki..."
I was like "diao...." "you guys are juz so drama ahahahah"

A happy occasion haha


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