First Post In Aussie Tuesday, February 28, 2006

yup was back in Aussie >_<
sch has officially started.......
the beginning of nightmare.......
I miss CREEPY KAMX so much.....

hope tat this yr 3 will end fast, as fast as the speed of light ^^

Came across this person tat has the same pattern as weijie >_<
eg. clothings and hand gesture >_<
this person was the same one who nagged on me when i returned to Aussie.......
I mean wat's his problem??????
doesn't he noe tat is too "Ai Mei"???????
Pls lor............... haiz............

Talking abt having a boyfren.........
not planning to haf one.........
erm...... let nature takes its course...... I am still young
nothing is more important than having good grades for these two and a half yrs......

Life of singlehood is GREAT
I juz love it, i can do watever i like ^^
but i always give wrong signal >_<
haf to learn not to ai mei

the next week will be urm hum veri busy >_<

Love Love

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Ten Top Trivia Tips

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Esther Kok!

  1. Only twelve people have ever set foot on Esther Kok.
  2. While performing her duties as queen, Cleopatra sometimes dressed up as Esther Kok.
  3. The Eskimos have over fifty words for Esther Kok.
  4. Esther Kok is the world's tallest woman!
  5. Antarctica is the only continent without Esther Kok.
  6. Esther Kok will become gaseous if her temperature rises above -42°C.
  7. Britain's Millennium Dome is more than double the size of Esther Kok!
  8. Esther Kok will often rub up against people to lay her scent and mark her territory!
  9. Contrary to popular belief, Esther Kok is not successful at sobering up a drunk person, and in many cases she may actually increase the adverse effects of alcohol.
  10. A female ferret will die if it goes into heat and cannot find Esther Kok.
I am interested in - do tell me about

hee heee is soso funny. got this frm my cousin's blog. is real fun and the content is hilarious ^^

Gals u all can try it. is realli cute ^^

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Leaving Friday, February 24, 2006

ahhhhhhhhh i juz can't belief tat my sch holiday is ending >_<
I haf been back for like two and a half mths but it seems like onli yesterday :(
can i dun go back??????????????

whenever my parents asked if i will be sad.......
i would reply: oki lah
haiz.............. wat they wan me to say???????????
i can't say tat: yesh i am veri sad and burst out crying rite.....................
they are so worried, i juz dun wan to add on...............

is lucky tat i haf two classmates to accompany me ^^
thanks so much

I juz wanna say a BIG "THANK YOU" to CREEPY KAMX
for accompanying me these mths ^^ despite their heavy schedule >_<

this return, i haf built strong bonds wif my relatives ^^

I am realli fortunate to haf them by my side

I 'll be back 9mths later ^^
haf to tell myself time flies
and i can overcome any difficulty ^^
ze tai dai jiyo bu

Love Love

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Blood For Blood.................. Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Blood For Blood -_-
watch a scary movie.............
The Fog..............
Gals, actuali I wanna watch Pink Panther
My dear Michelle, I thought u agree????? >_<
To my surprise it turned fine
I quite like it ^^

This time round Qian and xue xue sat beside me ^^
cos Michelle had once said tat Scary movie was not tat scary >_<
My scream was more terrifying and my nudging was more frightening
heee ehee but this time round I tried controlling myself ^^
and i think i did ^^
rite Qian, i did isn't it ^^

This movie was abt 4 men who tried to make their land a better place to live
and they ended up making a deal wif a ship of ppl who were suffered frm serious illness
well, in the end the deal was not made and the ppl on board were killed by these 4 men.....
hw evil they were >_<
so these ppl came to seek revenge....... abt 130yrs later......
they killed their grandchildren..................

so is a retribution i guess............
those who haf done something evil, haf to somehw pay back.......
it may not be you but it will be ur child or even grandchild
even if u were devoted into god
u will still haf to pay back..................

cos i remembered clearly tat a father died in one of the scene......
i was puzzled at tat pt of time......
cos Qian asked me why father died???? hw come god dine take away his sin????
ya hor why??????
so it doesn't mean tat after u haf done something evil and u prayed to god, u r sinless
pray to god not equal to sinless
I think in theory its like tat lah
cos we shldn't do something bad and ask god for forgiveness

Btw i am half christian ^^ so i dun anti-christ......
cos i haven convert
but my buddies will noe tat i belief in god ^^ and i go to church

well wat am i saying????
i mean tat god loves us and we shldn't do evil things
yeah ^^
world peace ^^ standard line for Miss Universe
haaa aahaaa

Love Love

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Early Bird ^^ Sunday, February 19, 2006

heee eheeee Early Bird ^^
yeah i woke up real early ^^
at 10am
der............... haha consider quite late for those who woke up at 9am
I normally wake up at 1pm lor o.O

yeah went to eat breakfast wif Michelle, Qian and Xin ^^
Kuay Chap (correct spelling ???? arhhhh hack lah)
veri nice, love it
our first sunday breakfast
they eat two bowls of Kway
they forced me to eat too
heee eheee but my shi liang bian xiao le.......
is a joke haa haaaa (michelle will noe why..... cos of the kuishinbo haaa ahaaa)

I couldn't wake up >_< cos dine set alarm clock
lucky Qian called and woke me up ^^
heeee eheeeeee

nw at Hui2's hse ^^
her mimi so cute like fat choy
but she urine lor eeeekkkkkksssss haaa ahaaaa
haiz........ Hui watching WWF????
why arh??????/ she is explaining the game to me nw >_<
can I dun listen......... fan bai yen haaa ahaaaaa (covering my ears..........)
she says booing = more salary????
is it true heee eheee

Family Gathering
went for family gathering
BBQ ^^

my fav corner ^^

help relieve stress ^^

all my cousins were there ^^
love them muakie *winks*
will miss them dearly >_<
onli get to see them when i return in late nov

My grandma made "Dan Dan" for me to eat ^^

is even tastier than the one I had in Hong Kong.
but they find it disgusting.......... is it?????
but if u dun like, u juz dun like >_<
like Xin yen she felt like puking when she saw tat......

Conversation >_<
X: wat is tat
Me: Dan Dan
X: as in?????
Me: egg....
X: are we playing fear factor????
Me: no >__<......
X: Can i dun eat????
Me: is good for the skin
in less than half a min she finish the whole bowl
young gals ^^
is easy to make ^^
egg and milk tat's it
i will try to make when i am in aussie
cos is good for skin ^^
gals can try making it ^^
is good realli ^^

haa aahaaa at ard 7pm,
BBQ started..
cos it took like half an hr for my cousin juz to start the fire ^^
haaa haaa quite lousy rite (he insist in starting the fire cos he's frm scout)
>_< but my aunt did a better job hee eeheee
wat i did there?????
playing Maple Story, is juz like RO....
helping cousin to level her character
i admit is real childish o.O

Later we went for KTV ^^
Me and Stan, we sing Wu Ding
suppose to be a Love song......
but Stan wanted to sing the gal part
so can u imagine?????
is real erm...............................

Goody and Xin yen gave me a notebook ^^ departure pressie
is realli cute

Ya i cut my hair >_<
they say is much better
but haiz...............
too short
adv: is easier to comb ^^

listening to Ah Du song nw
quite nice leh although i never like him
nice nice ^^

Love Love

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Bad English??????????????? Saturday, February 18, 2006

haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaa
amusing ^^
so hilarious................
A real stalker out there that constantly stalked our blog
i tink i forgot my "s" for the blog
woohoo who care????????????????
haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaa
well carry on to read it
be my guest.....................

so wat if my english "SUCKS"
bear in mind............... I dun teach English in my blog................
who care????????????????? nobody cares but "U" the onli Kaijyu in this world
or shld i say are u the English teacher of blogsphere????? *roll eyes*

well is my blog, i can write watever shit i wan
if i wanna write broken sentence or damn stupid grammar, or even limited vocabs?????????????
is my business ^^

oohhhh u like tat pics so much arh????????????????
steal frm my site??????????????? or shld i say u rite click on the mouse and save it in ur comp???????????????? haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
so obsess wif me??????????

yeah I am MAmasan???????????????????
oh I am so PROUD............
it means the gals tat are wif me are real pretty

me going Aussie. throw face???? cos of bad english?????
haiz................ why u care so much
or u are juz jealous?????
haaa haaaaa
dun be......... u can always go for an exchange programme....

my plane crash???????????????? cos of terrorism??????
then SQ shld check many times to ensure safety
cos if it crashes............. it will reflect so bad on Singapore............
cos they haf good reputation for tat

erm tat pic for my funeral?????
nonono i haf more pics lor
not tat pathetic
I haf more prettier pics ^^
cos ugly ppl like me go for make-over mah
eeehhh btw I prefer sakura leh
haaa ahaaa

Oh no u still reading??????
erm..... was wondering why do u read watever i wrote?????????????????
haaa ahaaaa trying to imitate Xiaxue????? u are far frm it..........................

P/S: Gals, Mamasan Going For My FACIAL soon before i go back ^^

Love Love

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Gay >_< Friday, February 17, 2006

yeah my first R21 movie after turning 21 for sometimes....................
erm but i juz refuse to admit I am. i am always 20
haaa aahaaaa

juz got back frm genting ^^
is real fun
will update soon ^^

did some shopping today
lots to buy haaa ahaa
cos goin back in 1 wk time

bought some cute stuffs and realli cheap T-shirt ^^
body lotion (is a muz cos prevent dry skin)

A creature out there has been stealing our pics
is it a new way to pass time for those who doesn't haf a life????? *roll eyes*
i couldn't stop laughing when i see it ^^
even my cousins also find it amusing
definitely one of the best joke of the yr

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I Miss Claire Friday, February 10, 2006

yup i have been missing my darling alot >_<
when will i get to see her?????
haiz............ will be leaving for Aussie soon.......... two more wks
my darling graduating this June ^^
so happy heee eheee
I am looking forward to november ^^
or Claire can come Aussie visit me heee ehee *wink*

Claire aka Shuyun is my best bud since sec school
one tat i share my gossip and sorrows
i regretted for neglecting her due to relationship
cos i seldom meet up wif her T.T
sometimes, I do hope i could turn back time >_<>
went down to Orchard after school ^^
I miss clubbing wif her, prata at nite and Long John Silver every Sunday

Looking on the bright, this Christmas, we will be celebrating christmas together ^^
Yeah heee eheee

Shuyun, i received ur postcard ^^ so cute

Goin to Genting tonight wif Michelle, Qian and Xue xue
my first trip wif Michelle and Xue
will be realli fun ^^
Qian, second trip wif her heee ehee
cos we went China trip during sec4 wif darling too
realli fun

will update again when i get back ^^
Love love

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Simple Life ^^ Thursday, February 02, 2006

ahhhhhhhh nw I am sneezing away >_<
guess i haf catch a cold........

yeah i managed to buy the "ice princess" vcd ^^
haf been veri busy the past few days

cos is Chinese New Year

Gong Xi Fa Cai

will be updating on the places i went during new year and also my cousin's wedding which was abt 2 mths ago (heeehee is a veri late post)

I went to Quality Hotel yesterday ^^
for lunch, cos i simply love to eat the food is oki ^^ for the price we paid
it was buffet
we made DIY desserts heeeheee
Image hosting by Photobucket

there were ice kachang, chendol and my ice -cream

feeling bored we played wif Michelle Sunglass ^^
Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

Qian, Xin, Michelle and Me ^^
eeekkkk my eyes looked like housefly >_<

ya almost forgot......
there was this uncle tat talked abt singing >_<
guess wat????? when he opened his golden mouth to hum the music and sing a few lines......
is like OMG.............. he shld go and learn hw to sing before he open his mouth..............
his voice was as worse as someone we know.......
the auntie tat sat beside him kept boot licking.......... saying he has a good vocal!!!!!!!!
if he has good vocal.............
Qian, Xuexue and I can join Superband o.O
haiz...hw can ppl say such thing w/o thinking???????????????

yeah Michelle and I saw Lion Dance ^^
hee eehee at Chong Pang when we were having lunch

Love love

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