Gathering ^^ Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Yeah gathering with Lisa, Amanda, Qiuyan and Rong2 hee heee
Long time dine meet up wif them to go out :)

As i haf swimming lesson in the evening, so i can only meet them after 9pm for dinner at blk 921 (where they sell nice chicken rice) :)
haa ahaaa as usual, me and Lisa reached there first, then followed by Rong2, Qiuyan and Amanda.
When we about to order our food :) Rong2 gave a stunning suggestion tat shld we go somewhere else to eat????
we all looked at her, then she said tat she got car.........
Then we said "Alamark" say earlier mah
then off we go to Newton Circle.
We kept saying tat her driving skill was not good but actualli is "good lah" haa ahaa

Our dinner, we had oyster egg where i ate all the oysters hee ehee, chicken wings, sting ray and sotong :)
After having our dinner, we went Orchid Country Club to bowl :)
When we arrived, we saw the notice abt dressing.
"No Slipper and Singlet"
but we juz dun care :)
haa aahaa we played one game.
Most of the time my ball went into the "drain" haa ahaa. After Amanda they all told me abt my hand then my score got better :)
Then, we went for a drink.
As Qiuyan has to work tml, Rong2 sent her off first.
Then we went to a coffee shop near our hse for a drink and also Chit-chat :D
haa ahaaa "chit-chat" was my favourite :D
Then at abt 1 plus we went home.

A very wonderful night ^_^
Muz realli meet up often hee eehee
Gals take care

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Nusiance Calls Monday, May 23, 2005

Have been getting lots of nusiance calls lately frm my mobile phone.....
pissed to the core :(
These calls have been happening since last week......... ahhhhhhhhhhh i really can't take it
these calls have been made by a woman
she called almost everyday.............
I dun really recognise her voice cos all we communicate was:

"Ring Ring" my mobile phone rang......
Me: Hello
Tat woman: Wrong number

Tat's it then she hung up
can you believe it????? it's been happening whole of last week and this week......
I was sososo angry tat on sunday, when this woman called.....
I just told her off.
I really dun understand why she keep calling the number wrongly.
mayb there is such a person exist :(

Thankfully after sunday, i dine hear frm her again. >_<

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Chingay Pictures ^^ Monday, May 16, 2005

Yeah Chingay pics hee eheeee
How we look????

Tada ^_^

Say Cheeze to Camera ^^

Our Vest sososo shiny ahaa ahaa

Yeah we are representing TP, tat one is our fox mask ^^ cute rite

Food, food and more food

These photos were taken by Kaijyu (kawaii Xue xue, Jolene) hee ehee
Thank you so much :D
I juz upload some photos hee ehee
wan to see more photos???? can go see Jolene's blog hee ehee

We wear very casual rite haa ahaa cos we in the happi grp (teenage grp)
but is it too shiny???
I think is YES haa ahaaa

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Scary Night...... Thursday, May 12, 2005

Yesterday night was really a scary night >_<

When i was abt to go to bed...... i saw the sky frm my window has turned abit reddish...... so it was abt to rain
then the wind started to blow :( so i closed my window to prevent my curtains frm making sound

the wind was sososo strong tat i could still hear the howling of the wind despite my windows were closed :( the sound of the wind was like "Hu Hu Hu" so it was like huhuhu coming (Ghost) haa ahaaa

my neighbours below like to plant flowers, because of the bloody strong wind, i heard breaking sound of the pot :( then followed by my neighbours' shouting "Oh My God"

Beside tat, there was a big tree just outside my block, i can really feel tat it was going to break.
then i heard my neghbours saying, " it seems like the tree is going to break...."

Feeling scared, i covered my face wif my blanket and tissues in my ear :(

The next day i told my dad tat i am very scared so i dine sleep properly then he say i so timid hw to live on my own when i was in australia????
Am i very timid???? i guess the answer is YES

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My Way of seeing life >_< Friday, May 06, 2005

Blogging.......... muz blog frequently...........
Status of my blog: dying
haaaaaaaa haaaaaaaa lame.......... ooopz tat's me

Busy Life???????? nah...... i dun think so...... quite slack..... at home shacking legs......
wanted to find a part-time tat lasted for 1mth but "Nobody wans me" :'(
Well leaving for australia soon so is not possible to find a long-term job T.T

Did abit of shopping lately wif my dear Michelle :D haa ahaaa couldn't forget the sale at Orchard
We realli do look like "Obasan" haaa ahaaa.... we managed to grab some good stuffs from those aunties :) cool hee eheee

Exercise Exercise and more exercise :D muz keep fit
I took up swimming course :D hee eheee finally
Went swimming yesterday and we met "Lisa" wat a coincidence hee ehee
Great we find a new swimming kaki :) next time we can swim together Yeah.............. ^_^

My way of seeing Frenship and Relationship

If one will to ask me "if relationship is more important than frenship???"
I will definitely say tat they are both important.
Infact i feel tat frenship is more important......
Frens act as pillars in our life, whereas boyfren comes and go.
"Don't u all agree????"

Therefore i really treasure the frens around me
God really dote on me :) cos i am very fortunate to have Great Frens, buddies, darling around me :) (You all noe who you are haaa ahaaa )
Haaa haaa ^_^ thanks for being by my side all the time. love u all to the max

The reason i made this comment tat frenship are more important than relationship wasn't becoz "I do not have a boyfren" nor "My Boyfren does not love me anymore"
Is just tat boyfrens they are not like husbands, they do not make any promise to be by our side forever.....
nowadays..... even married couples also filed for divorce..... or though they have said " thru sickness or death, i will be wif u forever..." haiz....... Relationship......

I am tat kind of a gal tat would not convince myself to believe tat my boyfren will not leave me one day cos nothing in this world is predictable
If this day really comes..... i will not shed a tear in front of him nor will I beg him to come back
By doing so I am not trying to prove tat I have a strong personality or my parents do not pamper or shelter me when i was young
The only reason behind is tat i muz prove to him tat without having him by my side, i could still lead a great life
Well this is me :) hee ehee

"Btw do not start contacting frens around you when you start needing them, cos is a SIN to do tat...."

Well tat's all for Today :) tune in next time to see latest blog, same time same url >_<
Alamark lame again....... well tat's me :)

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