Lala's Chalet Thursday, June 30, 2005

Sorry Lala :( it took me sosososo long to blog.........

Heee heee her Chalet :)
At pasir ris park near Fisherman Village
We took a cab down :)

Tada the Bithday Gal, Lala

Happy Birthday To You :)

The Secondary School Gang (Buddies)

Say Cheeezzzz, we so happy ^_^

Our First Wine ^^

Yeah Red Wine my favourite :)

Making Funny Faces= The Cuties haa aahaaaa

Heee heeee after eating the cake we got a little surprise for Angela hee ehee
Which is,

Is "Flour"
Saboing Time haa ahaaa our favourite

As for the outcome????

Hee hee the one and only Snow white :)

Then we started BBQ hee eheee
The auntie wif lots of chicken wings hee eehee is Me lah

Ladies and Gentlemen how many chicken wings do you wish to buy???
Looks nice and delicious??? :)

At ard two plus, we went Fisherman Village to drink and play "True or Dare"
But we ended up onli playing the "dare" cos true we have nothing to ask :0

Heee heee thru out the whole game, me and Michelle were lucky we only got 1 dare hee eheee
Before leaving the place..... we did something that is urm hum *Cough*

Here we are......

Lesbians 2005?????
"Of Course Not" hee eeheee

We have cards in between :)

Saw the red card????
hee eheee

Our last Pic before going back Chalet to sleep ^@^ zzZZZZ

Haaaa ahaaaaa a wonderful Nite yeah :)

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My 21st Birthday ^^ Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Yeah finally I turned 21 haa aahaa
but to all my buddies and my cousins i still look cartoon
haaa haa i think i would never look mature ^o^

How do I feel abt being 21???
haa ahaaa the key to independence and most importantly is legal to watch "RA" (meaning going to Cinema and not VCD)
I am mad

Wanted to blog this earlier cos my birthday falls on the 26 of June ^^
but my comp suffer frm flu again so muz bring him go see doctor :(

My Birthday Celebration ^_^

I organised a buffet catering at Aranda Country Club :)
I am sososo happy tat most of my frens turned up
My poly classmates (Lih shin, Xinyi(my dearest mum), Rachael, Pohli, Peixuan, Royce, Ash, Kin sang and Song Bing
Thank you so much for turning up :)
My JCG Senior, Peifen, Chin Chaw, Susan and Ben
and My cousins
haa aahaa and not forgetting my Buddies hee eheee

Love them *Muackx*

This celebration was also a farewell party too
cos me leaving soon *Sob Sob*

BUT I'll be back this December haaaa ahaaa

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AGM Sunday, June 26, 2005

Regained my energy to blog ago :D haa aahaaa
I am full of nonsence :)

Wat is AGM??
AGM = Annual Group Meeting

Well Wednesday was the AGM for my Japanese Cultural Group
I went back to help up and at the same time meet up wif my grp members :)
cos i leaving for Aussie soon..... *Sob Sob*

This meeting was to recruit freshmen :)
My fren and I were in-charge of the "Oden", Japanese tea and desserts (Mochi)
I helped the members to wear the yukata too (is really difficult to wear)
I saw our grp advisor too, Kubo Sensei :)

The whole meeting ended at ard 8.20pm

This yr there are quite alot of new members so this AGM is quite successful hee ehee

All the best to my Japanese Cultural Grp ^_^

OMG wat happen to my blog??? is in chinese?????

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Resting...... Monday, June 20, 2005

My blog is currently resting :)
cos i am very very tired =_=

19 Jun 2005 = "Father's Day"

I would like to wish all the fathers in the world and my Daddy a
"Happy Father's Day"

hee eheee :D
I will be treating my Dad to Kuishinbo "Don Don Don" heee ehee
Wheeee............. Yeah................

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Zouk ^_^ Friday, June 17, 2005

Wednesday "Mambo Nite" yeah :D

Is my first visit to Zouk..... ehhh dun laugh =_=
Lisa, Amanda, Amanda's cousin, Michelle, Peixin and Me

Is realli a wonderful nite :)
Thanks to all my buddies hee eehee for accompanying me ^^

haaa ahaa the hand signs for the songs were the same

We saw a guy in red t-shirt..... he realli noe hw to dance.... and he danced non-stop....
no wonder he is sososo skinny especially his waist.

We danced until 2plus before leaving :D

Have Fun ^_^

hee eehee most likely we will be going again next wednesday :)

Finger cross ^^

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3 Month Course >_< Monday, June 13, 2005

3 month course???? is actually my 3 months in Junior College ^^
It happened abt four yrs ago...........

Why I suddenly have the urge to write abt it????
It was when I came across a word "Conquered" when i saw darling's fren photo.

Then i thought of the slogan of my orientation,
"I came, I saw, I conquered.
But, I recite as:
"I came, I saw, I zao (escaped)" haa ahaaaa
cos my whole orientation SUCK................ I shld say it was pertaining to my Orientation Grp onli.
Why do I say tat????
There was a poser in my grp and she was made the leader ahhhhhhhhhhh.................
Hate her to the core......... Can't deny the fact tat she is really pretty........
but, it doesn't mean tat she shld go ard posing........... yucks.............
Her duty of being leader was to teach us cheers.
All she was capable in doing was to pose.............
we ended up losing badly................
Tat's all for my Orientation.

School started...............
I disliked all my tutors!!!! except my Chemistry and GP tutors ^^ I like them alot :D

Rated No.1 was my C.math teacher........
she was worse than Mrs Khor.............
She liked to rate our test marks in two different cat.....
"O-level pass" or "A-level pass"
O-level pass meaning 50-60%
A-level pass = 70% and above.............
If one received only "O-level pass", she would screamed at the top of her voice:
"U will get horrible result for A-level if you don't start to work hard"
Hello...... is only first 3 mths.......

Next was my stupid Chinese tutor............
He seems to dislike gals......... OMG mayb he is "GAY"
He would say tat the compo tat we gals wrote was shit...... ahhhhhhhhhhh hate him to the core......
He always start the lesson by saying "Don't ever think tat A-level chinese is easy, all of u would have been scoring As for "normal" chinese but it doesn't mean tat scoring As in A-level would be easy....."
Did we ever say tat it was easy in the first place???? haiz...............

Lastly was my Physic tutor (the level head)
she would always say tat our sch has the finest teacher!!!!
The reason tat we were not ranked top was due to the in-take of the students.
Top JCs, they take students wif single points whereas our sch they take in students who not only scored single digit but also students who scored 20 points.
In short, those students who achieved 20 points were the "Black Sheep"
Can you believed it???? She said such things........

After being "Brain-wash" by these teachers.... all the students started to work real hard except me......
I started skipping lesson.....
For example Mon- Fri.....
Mon and Tue, Lesson starts frm 8am-5.30pm..... such a long day :(
Wed half day
Thurs, until 2pm (Lectures day)
Fri until 1pm

How I skipped my classes???
Either i came for Mon or Tue, i never came for both
Wed, my classmates will see my face cos onli half day :)
Thurs and Fri, I chose one day too :)
So five days school, i attended onli three......
Is really rare for me to do tat :) i noe is difficult to belief haaa ahaaa

Well there were other teachers who were as irritating but i don't realli remember ^^
As for the name of my JC??? a secret ehee eehee

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Healthy Life ^^ Sunday, June 12, 2005

Have been doing lots of exercise lately (",)
Monday as usual having swimming lesson :)

Tuesday: Steam Boat @ Michelle house hee eheee
The ingredients were pig's liver, meat, vegetable, hot dogs, prawns (my favourite), nian tou fu, crab meat stick, different kinds of mushroom and last but not least lots of Quill eggs (darling's favourite)
I ate three bowls of rice tat day..... Scary???? lots of carbo........ never mind going to exercise on wednesday ^_^
After dinner, they played majong and i watched tv = Tv freak ^^

Wednesday, yeah exercise day. muz burn off all the carbo tat i took yesterday :)
Venue at Xin's house hee eehee
We were playing tennis :) , followed by gym and sauna
Sauna was great before a red face auntie came and sat in between me and michelle
"Couldn't she sees tat we are together...." haiz.... weird weird auntie
After exercise, i meet mum for dinner
i ate alot...... i ate rice wif soup..... and prawn mee.... suppose to share wif mum but i finish the whole thing :( plus dessert.............
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh i have such a big stomache......

Thursday nothing much :( slack at home.............. tv freak so watch tv the whole day :)

Ya watch a really nice movie on Friday heee eheee
Mr & Mrs Smith

Saturday exercise again yeah........ :)
go swimming wif my cousin, Hui2, heee ehee
we saw Fazli at the pool(the name like spell wrongly)
Recap: he was the soccer captain frm YSS
ehhh his look quite good lah :) not much diff frm five yrs ago haaa ahaaa
he was there wif his gal fren :)

yA not forgetting the "Super star audition" on channel U. It is sossosososo funny tat i couldn't stop myself frm laughing
but i muz say tat those ppl were brave to join this competition :)

haa ahaaa wat a week.....
I exercise alot and ate alot heeee ehee

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What I been up to ^^ Monday, June 06, 2005

Gathering ,gathering and more gathering :D

Friday nite dinner wif Angela, Eve, Mic, Xin and Myself at Orchard
We went to have a quick dinner at Mcdonald
Then we went Swensen to rot haaa ahaaa
we ate ice-cream and french fries heee ehee
Xin treat us :)
"A Big Thank You To her"
We chit-chat while eating, update on each other's life :)

Angela and Eve went home at 11plus
The three of us stayed back to chit-chat
coz we felt tat if we went home at 12plus, there's mid-night charge so muz well we went home later heee eheee
I was surprised tat at ard midnight there are still many ppl queueing outside Swensen
"Having dinner at such a time?????"

So at ard 2plus we headed home :D
The taxi uncle drove very fast is realli scary =_=

Today 3rd of Mar is My kawaii kaijyu aka Xue xue's birthday hee eheee
"Happy Birthday To You"

Saturday is Xue xue birthday party :)
The food is realli nice especially the prawns hee eehe
The durian cake is superb :D taste realli great ^^
We (Qian, Angle, Shushu and me) stayed until quite late at ard 2plus talking abt the "urh hum" *cough* (u all noe who) haa aahaa

Yup my darling is back from Liverpool :) yeah...................
Will be going to lots of places wif her
eg. sun-tanning

Hw i spend my Sunday????
As i dun haf Jap class so i went to find Shu shu :D
we had dinner and went her hse to watch anime
one of the characters in Mars Heaven is sososososo handsome haa aahaaa

okay tat's abt my week :) yeah......

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