Christmas dinner with Creepy Kamx Saturday, December 23, 2006

yeah the day is here heee eheeee
we will be goin Oriental "the melt" to eat
heehee i juz love to eat

will be taking lots of pics tonight ^^
and most importantly we will be watching Death note 2 hee ehee
although i dine watch 1 but is still good hee ehee
can buy the VCD to watch yeah

went Steamboat the other day ^^
and i ate alot heee ehee

guess who i saw there????
I saw "My daddy"
I was sososo shock to actually see him
so coincidental >_<

well goin to take the same gen ed with him again
haiz............. cos i need someone to accompany me mah

read the storybook tat i have bought the other day
erm the story seems kind of sad
cos the gal fall in love with her "imaginary fren"
haven finish yet
but felt miserable after reading it
juz feel tat my Love Life journey sucks to the core
juz kidding heee ehee

goin to get ready hee ehee
food food here i come
yeah hee ehee


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Lack of post again............. Friday, December 15, 2006

well too many things have happened.... i am juz too lazy to blog abt it >_<
still glad to be back
finally saw the true color of some ppl.............

went zouk-out last sat....
is ok i think....... not realli tat fantastic
is damn hot and humid.... eeeekkkk

realli hate the word CB haha all my buddies will noe wat i am talking abt...........
can't believe tat the person close to me is scolding tat
realli disappointing............. hate it to the core..............

bought ticket back to Sydney
will be flying back with Heda ^^

Good food
is still at Geylang
went there twice.... the food are damn nice.... love it hehe
we went to the back alley too.... is quite erm i shld say amusing
seeing all those ah pek..... who are old enough to be our grandpa

Something i hate abt him......
why is it always me who do the msging
even if i do msg.... he dun even haf the courtesy to msg back.....
if he msg me i haf to reply tat instant.... if not i will be accuse tat i ignore him.....
why???? is it my fault????
not telling him tat the rest of us were meeting.....
is it my fault????? i wasn't even the organiser........
he msg:"Esther, are u meeting the rest today???"
i replied,"yeah, why leh??"
he dine even reply..... instead he msg my fren.....
my fault again?????
is he too sensitive or am i too insensitive?????
i asked a qn???? he dine even bother to reply............
my fault again??????
i can't stand it........... he always say we are close............
is this the way to be close???????????
left me alone at zouk-out........... call him dine answer.. msg him dine reply back..........
this is wat he meant by close.............
juz hate............. i simply hate ppl who take me for granted >_<

bought two new books today
yeah hehe love it
goin to read nw ^^

Love Love

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La La La............. Wednesday, December 06, 2006

hehe went singing again ^^
with Mian and Qian
i kept singing guys' songs
haaa haaa, 183, Jay Chou, Lee Sheng Jie and etc....
Mian and Qian kept saying, " guy song again????"
even the duet i also sing guy's part
haaa ahaaa

as usual i finish all the crackers and fruits
Oh no.... i can realli eat and eat and eat -_-

the fifth day of christmas, i received Panda cookies
yeah ^^ Love Love

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Singing ^^ Monday, December 04, 2006

hehe went singing with Hui2 today
yup onli the two of us ^^
juz like having concert ^^

i simply love to sing

opened my fourth pressie
Frosties ^^ my fav.
I love to eat too >_<
i can eat non-stop -_-
juz like today, i finish all the snacks and fruits
all by myself cos Hui2 is not eating
not forgetting 3 glass of fruit punch -_-
i think i gain lots of weight >_<
goin for a morning jog soon
haf to or else will be fat fat

almost forgot, i get a hair-cut ^^
the last time i had it is frm toni and guy >_<
and it cost me AUD79
expensive -_-


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Outing with Kendy ^^

my outing with Kendy ^^
seldom went out with her hehe
is fun ^^
we have lots to say and lots to update each other ^^

we went temple to worship, but there isn't any statue due to renovation ^^

yeah have dumpling today
veri nice *thumbs-up* (da-jie thank you) hehe

play majong again hehe
but i lost
haha but is fun

i opened my third present = facial mask ^^
hehe love it

oki will update again ^^


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Pressies ^^ Sunday, December 03, 2006

yeah ^^ exchangethe 24 pressies with my buddies ^^
like this idea hehe cos i will have 24 small presents to accompany me until christmas woohoo
haha although is quite tedious but is fun ^^
i bought all mine frm Aussie
remember the times when i go ard hunting the pressies after my final
is fun *thumbs-up*

open two presents: corn flask and cappuccino ^^

is good to be back ^^

donald called today cos of the 2nd dec "my first anniversary ^^"
is sweet for him to call, realli touched ^^
but something tat he asked, made me felt realli hurt
i realli wish to be back, but on the other hand i do not wan to
cos i dun wan certain things to change
knowing the fact tat he actually "used me"
but nw...... i know tat i am rite all along >_<
shld stop being so stupid >_<

will post all the pics of the 24 pressies on dec 24 ^^


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Backie ^^ Friday, December 01, 2006

Woohoo back at last ^^
holiday............. yeah...............
Love it hehe

four days after exam were realli busy >_<
moving house and buying christmas pressies ^^

hehe almost forgot i went "Tank" the other day with Daddy and Erica
is realli fun, i like it
we drank quite alot
and i puke in front of daddy haaa ahaa
oooppsss.............. is becoz of the bumpy ride hm >_<

but nw i am back hm
yeah ^^
and we exchange pre-christmas pressies
will open one by one for 24 days
happy ^^
will post each day abt the pressie
oki tat's all for today

My dear daddy, " Good Luck for your work tml"

Love Love

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