Stare....... Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wat with the stare???
can't i even joke abt it...... ur situation now is much more AI MEI than me ok....... why am i always the one accepting the jokes tat u guys made....... even if i do get angry..... do u guys even care???? why is it when i joke abt it, i get the stare frm u two??? how fair is tat???? even if "he" came to u and asked u guys to stop, did u stop???? NO..... in the end u guys just told "him" tat "we all are like tat wat...." wat the hell is this...... the reason of why u guys stop making fun of me now is becoz "Me and him are not close anymore...." becoz of u guys' stupid nonsense.... i haf lost someone close to me...... and when i haf a chance to joke abt it u guys juz stare at me.... I mean WTF is tat...... onli u guys can do it and not me...... wat u think i am "a clown is it??????" for god sake.......


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5 Specs ^^ Wednesday, October 10, 2007

haha u guys might be thinking...
"wat the world is five specs???"

Explanation ^^
is 5 specifications for my production of biodiesel ^^
woohoo we meet all 5 specifications ^^ finally something good has happened to me here.
although we may not come in first for the production cos there are still 3 more grps to go but the mark is awesome enough ^^ Thanks guys for being there throughout the production. i feel tat we realli did a great job hehe

well biodiesel is a so-called fuel for cars ^^ and we are suppose to made it from fresh vege oil. and we did it woohoo. we actualli produced 18L from the 20L of vege oil.
i realli love my group. this is my first time working with them. and i muz say tat they are real smart ppl and most importantly nice to the core ^^

working on my thesis again.... and a presentation in 3 wks time..
no more grumbling.... hang it there ^^ bachelor degree is almost finishing
and we will be off for a road trip woohoo


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Sunday, October 07, 2007

one week we juz ignore each other.......
the next week you came up to be to ask me for lunch or brought me stuffs.......
think of it..... we dine realli go back to the old times......
maybe it's time we leave it all behind......

not being unreasonable again....... why am i always the one to say hello to you??? why am i always the one to start a conversation??? even if i do....... do u ever look at me whenever i talk to u in front of others???? i answer is "NO"....... why????? is it so difficult to talk to me in front of others????? although i realli hate them bombarding me with the jokes..... but by doin this u are not a least helping...... it realli reflects very badly on a gal..... dun u noe tat........

i "GIVE UP....." i juz wan to leave everything behind........
thanks for being caring for the past 1yr.......

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Goal...... i need it desperately......
seems like everyone ard me knows wat are their goals and wat they want in life.......
i guess is onli me tat is left dangling now here.......
wat am i goin to do after uni????
graduating in 4wks times although i haf my master to do.......
but wat do i wan in life?????
i always thought tat i noe wat i wan but up till nw seems like i dun no.......
i always give the ppl ard me the impression tat i noe wat i am doin..... but seriously i dun no......
am i thinking too much again????? this sem is the worst of my life....... is it becoz of thesis??? am i still myself???? or haf i realli change???? or is this the real me???? sometime i dun speak a word is not tat i dun wan to..... i juz need my space........ is it wrong?????

haiz....... wat shld i do nw????

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Nice Weather and KFC ^^ Monday, October 01, 2007

nice weather and KFC...... haha wat's the link????
well is extremely good weather today in Sydney ^^ despite the howling of the wind yesterday nite...... today is superb..... clear blue sky plus is not freezing ^^

so how does this KFC comes abt???? well since is a fantastic day, so we decided to go centennial park (i forgot the spelling.... arhhh hack lah....) for picnic. since we went in a hurry so we decided to buy KFC to eat instead ^^ *wicked wings* yummy ^^
so daniel the driver came to pick us up haha so we bought KFC and some herbal tea... not forgetting ice-cream. is a "must" food after lunch hahahahah........
so we set off for picnic

spend half an hr eating and abt abt 1 hr plus strolling and watching the dogs ^^
is cool, and veri relaxing ^^
so we tell ourselves we shld do this more often ^^ although we said so but the day never come.... haiz.....

whenever we see families having BBQ, we have an urge to go over ^^
we even thought of an excuse.....
"Hi aunties long time no see ^^ still remembers us???" haha we were like sososo lame......

ya we saw a sausage dog along the way ^^
and daniel was like "oohh i wan this dog..."
fred replied, " so u can eat it when u are hungry..."
daniel: " how u noe???"
Us: " eeekkkkk daniel u are hopeless...... -_-
daniel:" juz joking lah...."
we juz shook our head -_-

is a fun day
the "ang mo" realli noe how to enjoy life ^^
is realli diff from singapore.......
the dogs here are so cute ^^ love love

Is my eyes playing trick on me???
i was finding this anime disc the whole of yesterday -_-
guess wat..... today it juz seat comfortably on the tabe....
arhhhhhh............. gonna get kill by my fren -_-

today is a fun day
thanks daniel ^^
sch starts tml arhhhhhh............


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