Happy Birthday Lee Er Rong Friday, July 22, 2005

I forgot to post my buddy's birthday
So sorry.....

Lee Er Rong birthday falls on the 20th July (Same as my mummy)
English name: Earl Lee

The story behind this name is a secret (known to us only)

We have known each other for like 11yrs???? (since primary four)
hee eeheee tat's long....
She is generally an out-going person, very cheerful and also veri "ROUGH"
yo bud, muz learn to me more femine oki.....

"Happy Birthday To U"

May all ur dreams cum through

sori can't celebrate ur birthday wif >.<

Take care my fren

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Happy Birthday To My Mum ^^ Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Haven been blogging since sept 9
i have no time to blog....
Currently, using the computer in uni which is soso trouble....
hate it to the core.....

even i have no time to blog,
this post is a must to post up.

Cos today is my mum's birthday

"Happy Birthday Mummy"

U are a wonderful mummy
Love u alot
and missing u too

Hope time flies and i will be back in singapore in december
to reunit wif my frens, buddies and families

This is something tat i haf been looking forward to.

Living in a new country all by myself is really hard.....
I guess this will be the time for me to learn hw to be an independent person and most importantly "GROW UP"

Haiz..... still waiting for my internet to come so i can blog on my departure and stuffs like tat
Internet, internet,internet..... i am waiting for u
It will takes about 3wks......
Haiz....... ssososo long

oki my blog will be resting..... until i get my internet........

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I am Leaving >.< Saturday, July 09, 2005

Leaving............... leaving for aussie tml
Really dun wish to leave Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I dun wan to leave my Buddies, polymates and families
"I Dun Wan!!!!"
I will be missing my bed, my figurines and everything
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Hope I can adapt to the new environment
Muz realli learn hw to be independent, cannot always rely on the ppl ard me
Hope I can make new frens
And most importantly do well in my studies

I dun want to go
oki enough...... muz be strong......

Hope I get my internet access soon enough so I can contact my frens and blog

Last Gathering Before I leave

Heeee heeee meet up wif my buddies
Is consider my last gathering before I left for Aussie
We have been taking lots of photographes
Yeah after having dinner at Crystal Jade hee eehee



Erm wat are we doing??? hee eheee but we veri cute rite

Formular Seventeen
Xiao Jun, Tie Nan, Xiao Tian, Xiao Yu haaa aahaaa Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Our Signature Sign Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yeah... Darlie Fresh and White Toothpaste

We are sososo "SHY" hee eeheee

Check Out Eve's New Braces = so kawaii

Before heading back home,
We went NYDC to chit-chat hee eheee
and of eat
hee eehee my favourite yeah

Desert, desert and more desert

Qn: Oishi deska????
Ans: Oishi

A veri wonderful nite indeed Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Love ya

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Buffet Friday, July 08, 2005

Having buffet recently

I accompanied my mum and aunt to a restaurant near our house for lunch buffet
It is stated that they provide "International Cuisine"
Beside the japanese food, chinese food and desert, there is nothing else......
International Cuisine?????

Some of the food was not tat bad
I have taken some pics too

The International Cuisine????

The small rou mi fan
Is only half the actual size tat we normally eat >.<
The small Chawamushi which served in a tea cup

My mum's century egg congee
Doesn't look appetizing

yEAH the almonde paste which is good for the throat
is good for Qian
wanted to bring some back but cannot

The DIY ice kechang....... made my Hui
Doesn't look nice at all
but is for the fun part

The desserts which is erm.......................

Haiz the $$$ we paid is not tat expensive so can't expect much

The Line
We went there for dinner buffet yeah...........
A good dinner before i left for Aussie

Me, Mian, Claire, Michelle

Claire and Mian Chan

Michelle and Me hee ehee

Chit-chating while munching our food
Yeah oishi

The dessert.
cute rite

The fruits
Peach is our favourite

My favourite

We drank after our dinner and played games heee ehee
The drinks we had,

Yeah a wonderful nite yeah

A good dinner too hee eehee

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Happy Moments ^^ Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Really love spending my times wif my buddies :)
They are really great ppl, nice to the core
"I Love Them" Muackx

They are always there by my side ^_^
whenever i needed a shoulder to lean on

I will really miss them when i am in Aussie :(
BUT, I can always MSN wif them hee eehee

Today me have lunch wif Mian hee eheee
Lunch at NYDC heee eheee
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
We ate spaghetti, I ordered Roast Chicken spaghetti and Mian odered Mushroom spaghetti
hee eehee full of mushroom, it looked realli delicious :D

Now comes the dessert :)
we had Mudpie
mine is Jedi mudpie (Sounds like starwars)
Mian is cookie monster mudpie

A great lunch yeah ^^
hee ehee a picture i found frm the website


My Jedi Mudpie

we went KTV too hee eehee
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Is a great afternoon
"Mian, Thank you so much"

My buddy's bithday
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
"Happy Birthday To My Dear Michelle"
yeah Michelle turn 21 today heee heeee
In our grp, more than half us had turned 21
except my darling Claire and Xin, not forgetting Lee Earl Rong ehee eeheee

yeah meet up wif Michelle and Xin for dinner at Swensen :)
We shopped awhile at Orchard then went back to Yishun heee eheee

We celebrated Michelle's birthday on 2nd July heee eheee
Here are some pictures

Heeee heeee holding the cake is Michelle the birthday gal

I want to eat the cake heee eheee

Heee heee we are entertaining ourselves
yeah, is an island wif flower ^^

A really wonderful day ^_^
Looking forward to tomorrow's chilled out :)

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Lost Of Baggage >.< Monday, July 04, 2005

I have a close fren who work as air stewardess lost her baggage recently......

Lost her baggage???? or shld i put it as a taxi uncle stole her baggage >.< Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Wat happened actualli????
Story-telling time:
One fine day, she was on her way to the airport cos she was flying to Narita :)
so she board a cab.
First the uncle went the long way instead of the normal route
Then my fren asked him: "Uncle why you go this way????"
Uncle: "Sorry I wasn't thinking"

Then my fren kept quiet......
Once reaching the airport, my fren got down and ask the uncle to open the boot.....
guess wat the stupid uncle did????
he drove away....... in a zig-zag manner......
then my fren ran behind the cab wif her uniform......
A policeman saw her but he dine ask the cab to stop
"OMG stupid policeman!!!!!"
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

my fren then went to identify the driver..... the person say they will contact the driver and ask if the driver saw her bag.......

How can such a thing happen in Singapore haiz..........
Realli hope tat my fren will get back her baggage
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Happy Birthday

2nd July is a birthday of a person who is very close to me.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com"Happy Birthday To You" ^_^

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