Geisha ^^ Thursday, January 26, 2006

A story like mine has never been told..............

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Yesh i went to watch this movie wif my buddies ^^
is one of my fav of the yr ^^
erm.. a little too early too say tat cos is juz the beginning of 2006
but is definitely one of the best
is kind of strange tat all three female leads were chinese
I love the scenery and the kimonos are realli gorgeous
heehee I realli hope i do own a kimono, daydreaming ^^
The story was quite sad in the beginning but it ended wif a happy ending

I like the little gal who act as Chiyo
she is so cute (kawaii)

tada o.O

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I simply love Japan ^^

Madness Moment ^^
Haruka is a geisha
Momoko is a geisha

"yesh, we sell our talents, not our bodies..."

Okasan: Haruka, you must learn to dance.
Haruka: Hai Okasan
so Haruka proceed to practice her chicken dance >_<

Okasan: Momoko, you must learn music.
Momoko: Hai Okasan
"peep peep" the sound came frm Momoko's music recorder

You can onli call urself a true geisha if u can stop a man and made him vomit wif only one glance
indeed Haruka and Momoko manage to do it ^^
Okasan: You all are ready.
Harka and Momoko: ho ho ho

"we cannot ask the sun, more sun."
"we cannot ask the rain, less rain."

erm juz kidding haha
juz being bored
heee ehee me and Qian joke abt it yesterday on our way hm

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Shopping ^^ Wednesday, January 25, 2006

heeeheee i juz love shopping ^^
btw who will dislike shopping??????
but my wallet is vomitting blood >_<

I bought a new school bag (Puma)
1cap and a jacket ^^ abercrombie
erm is far too cheap >_<
so Michelle and I was thinking is frm China o.O
but who cares as long can wear can liao (ho ho ho)

haiz........... my hse recorder something wrong
ahhhhhhhhhhhh it can't record >_<
today's tv programme very nice leh T.T
sob sob

Ya Michelle and Da Jie went to extend their eyelash ^^
veri nice hee eheee (shi4 mei3 de4 lor1)
I like it ^^

A veri fun day ^^

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A Trip To The Zoo ^^ Friday, January 20, 2006

Is quite a late post >_<
Last sat i went to the zoo o.O
yeah wif my cousins ^^

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The Zoo ^^

erm, i went to the zoo a couple of times, besides the animals and the stinky smell, there are some beautiful places.

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

Wat a peaceful place ^^

Group Pics of the day ^^

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Me, Hui2, Ben, Augie and Mr Cousin
eeekkkk the second photo backgrd was full of zebras' backside >_<

Animals o.O

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see hw strong i am ^^

Image hosting by Photobucket
wat are u looking at???? i can store more water than u and u jealous rite....

Image hosting by Photobucket
I am sososo LAZY, i juz dun feel like moving, besides sticking out my tongue

Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket
wat's so interesting????? haf to exercise my limps

Image hosting by Photobucket
the fastest animal on earth were caught resting >_<

Image hosting by Photobucket
I am so Handsome...... wan some pics wif me?????

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket
eeekkk cow dung........ we saw the cow stepping on its own shit o.O

Image hosting by Photobucket
u haf delicious grass?????

Image hosting by Photobucket
I am tired oki......

Image hosting by Photobucket
where is my la pi xiao xin?????

Strangling of animal is prohibited

My fav animal ^^
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we were tired so we headed for the tramp ^^

Us: Let's go for th tramp, so tired.....
Me: I can't walk >_<
Mr Cousin: all of a sudden i felt tat my legs are energetic......
Us: oki we will go for the tramp, u run after us oki?????
Mr Cousin: .........

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Image hosting by Photobucket
Me and my new home o.O

besides walking ard to see the animals, we went to see the sea lion show too

Image hosting by Photobucket
eeehhhh too dark....... but tat is the sea lion heeheee

not forgetting to take the pics of "the love of my life"
Image hosting by Photobucket
Azlan ^^

heehee last grp pic ^^
Image hosting by Photobucket
london bridge is fallin down, fallin down fallin down

at ard 4plus we left the zoo
woa we spent like 5hrs ^^

is an enjoyable day

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The Heirloom >_<||| Wednesday, January 18, 2006

went to watch "The Heirloom" wif half of the Creepy Kamx
Mian, Xin, Michelle, Qian and Xuexue ^^

is a scary show >_<

Image hosted by

well i find it scary leh
I even scream -_-
when i saw Jason Chang's leg

haha guess michelle was scared abt my reaction instead of the show
sorry Michelle

the show was abt the Yang fortune was built with the aid of child ghost and was also to say tat raising child ghosts may bring great fortune, but at the same time great doom

the most inportant is Xiao Jun frm Formula 17. his name in this movie is "James"
I like him ^^
so shuai
yeah lucky we choose to watch this show
ehe eheee

Image hosted by
Jason Chang
yeah ^^

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In Her Shoes Monday, January 16, 2006

i watched this movie and i love it ^o^

Image hosted by

erm the movie was kind of slow
but is a gal show so tat's why ^^
but is the story was not bitchy except for the front part
is really different frm the gals movie tat i used to watch. eg. mean gals, confession of a teenage drama queen, etc..

after reading the story frm the official website
then i realised the sisters in the show have the same feet size (81/2)

no wonder Cameron Diaz could wear her sister's, Toni Collette, shoe
hmmm..... interesting

the show was quite touching tat i cried in two scenes >_<
erm, or shld i say i love to cry ( but i will put it as i am easily touched ^^)
tat sounds better

the movie was about these two sisters who are both best friends and polar opposites when it comes to values, goals and personal style.
it involves their grandmother too, Shirley MacLaine. ^^

is a realli nice movie, two thumbs up

I saw the poster when i was in Aussie, and i wanted to watch it
yeah ^^

think i goin to buy the novel ^o^

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Prata Gals ^^ Sunday, January 15, 2006

In less than one hr i will be meeting Qian.
then we will meet Xuexue at first cabin of the train
together we are catching the first train down to orchard ^^
heeheee goin to line-up at 6am

Guess wat we are up to?????

here are the clues ^^
in michelle's hse, we haf been discussing our grp name ^^
we came up wif a few:
1. acceleration/velocity (there are speed)
2. difficult plans (there are simple plans)
3. Jin1 San1 Shun4
ahhh i forgot, gals wat are the others tat we thought of?????

hee ehee but in the end, Qian came up wif "Prata Gals"
guess it suit us, cos we love to eat prata ^^
our dance steps, we will be following the movement of the prata uncle
haa ahaaa
Qian will be the lead Singer

we were goin to sing our fav song
it will be "Tong Kuai"
Gals we sing tat oki???? my fav
or ai mei????
haa ahaa

So has anyone guess it?????
hee ehee ans: superband??????

Juz being funny ^^

Tat's all
Love love

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Chalet Madness ^^ Thursday, January 12, 2006

hee eehee pictures frm our chalet ^^
woohoo ^^

Let's see the drinks that we brought

Image hosted by

as most of us can't drink..... we only brought abit
ha ahaaa was suppose to finish my chevas
but after playing cards games
all of us KO so still left abit
gals muz finish before i return to Aussie oki ^^

Sleeping Beauty of the day ^^

Image hosted by

Qian qian hee ehee
oops......... not sleeping beauty is a "wake-up beauty"
haaa haaa
no lah..... was discussing hw to share beds for tonight ^^
but in the end we dine sleep >_<

We played games ^^

Image hosted by

trying my best to explain a game titled "Murderer and Detective"
but seems like they dun understand..............
look at Qian's face.....
she seems realli tong ku, look at her expression haaa ahaa
juz kidding..... we were juz posing for camera ^^

The start of barbecue ^^

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

see i am so hardworking ^^
haha actualli i am damn lazy
this is the least i can do haaa ahaa

wat's tat...............
seems like brain to me.............

Image hosted by

guess wat is tat??????
haa ahaa is juz frozen slice chicken ^^

Hui's fav dish ^^
maggots of the day......

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

tat fork belonged to Qian
errmm taste nice but abit salty
still i love it ^^

haiz........... my gals juz love to argue ^^

Image hosted by

we couldn't find any forks so they are arguing hw to use the satay sticks as chop sticks
erm...... gals u all were discussing or arguing?????
haha i dun remember

The last pics

Image hosted by

Wat is "Mr Cousin" doin in the pic?????
still trying to act cute >_<
haa ahaa his name is Jerald
seems to click veri well wif Qian
Qian, he likes u alot u noe hee ehee

hahaa we used this as umbrella cos was raining outside

haiz............. is raining so we couldn't go to the sea >_<

A veri fun weekends

Love gals

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Happy Birthday ^^

Today is my uni fren, Jan's birthday.

hee ehee "Happy Birthday To You" Image hosted by

A very cheerful, clever and pretty gal ^o^
veri helpful too (I still owe her a meal hee hee)
She is juz nice to the max

Wish u all the best ^^

Love love

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Raining Cats and Dogs Tuesday, January 10, 2006

wahhhhhhhhhhhh T.T
has been raining for the past few days >_<

i simply hate rainy days................
makes me feel really moody...............

since it has been raining for the past days............
i haf been staying at home.............
such a good gal ^o^
sleeping and watching tv programmes >_<
i dun haf scv so no choice but to watch local channel
haiz.................. quite boring....................

Rain Rain Go Away Come Again Another Day..............

Haiz................ boring.............. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Tired.....>_< Sunday, January 08, 2006

Ahhhhhhhhhh i am so tired >_<
After sleeping frm 7.30am to 5plus pm
yesh, i m still bloody tired...............

juz got back frm chalet this morning ^^
yeah is fun wif the gals and my cousins ard

but not enough of sleep wahhhhhhh T.T
dine realli sleep the previous nite...........
all thanks to my "Mr Cousin"
was sharing a king or queen size bed wif him???? never mind the size............
guess wat????????
he gave me a punch and kick me and even snore
ahhhhhhhhhhhh someone save me
so i dine realli sleep................
i pull out a mattress to sleep but is near morning
so haiz......................

Saturday is for Creepy Kamx ^^
and i finally saw yong meng after like 7mths
OMG so long????
he looks realli skinny to me but he claimed tat he has put on weight.....
haaa ahaa doesn't look like haiz..........
forgot to take pics wif him >_<
but will meet up again real soon, i think lah

we took some pics at the chalet ^^
will upload it next time

*yawnz* goin to sleep again

love love

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Slacking..... Friday, January 06, 2006

haha I haf been slacking and slacking and slacking since the date 28 of Nov
was the date tat i came back >_<
so i haf decided to help out at my aunt's shop ^^

erm.... went to watch family stone wif Michelle and Xin
Image hosted by
dun realli like the show
is too slow
the ending was erm sad???? is sad the word????
cos the mother died due to illness
wat illness???? we think shld be breast cancer..................
"The Family Stone"
why stone???? cos their last name was stone.........
is abt a family gathering on christmas that is disrupted due to a wedding announcement

yup bought a new vcd "Swing Girls"
hee ehee i watched it wif Qian and Claire ^^
nice movie ^^ juz love it


Image hosted by

yeah today goin chalet ^^
the first will be family day
the second day is for "Creepy Kamx"

My first chalet wif the gals
hope it will be a fun day ^^ and Yong meng and Fuyuan can come cos i haven been seeing them for a long time

most importantly, i do hope no one will be "nian chow chow" = face black black

See u gals at the chalet ^^
love love

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Happy New Year Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

yeah a brand new year ^^
2005 was oki
but i noe 2006 will be better

ahhhhhhhhh 22 yrs old
sorry gals, i repeating this again >_<
haa ahaa haf been saying tat for the past weeks

cos whenever Qian and Michelle says: 2006 coming
i will reply: yup 22 yrs old is on the way >_<
They will go like: aiya stop tat

haa ahaaa so wat if we were older????????
we were still so happening and having a great life ^^
with all the love ones ard us
most importantly pampering us ^^

hee eheee

Love u all

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