Sound Of Music ^^ Sunday, April 24, 2005

Doe-a deer, a female deer
Ray-d drop of golden sun
Me-a name i call myself
Far-a long, long way to run
Sew-a needle pulling thread
La-a note to follow sew
Tea-a drink with jam and break
That will bring us back to do-oh-h-oh-oh
Do re mi fa so la ti do. So do.

At last I watched it :D is fantastic.
This muscial is great :)
They have great vocal :D

Story: The Sound of Music is the inspiring true story of Maria Rainer. Set in Salzberg, in pre-World War II Austria, Maria serves as a governess for the seven children of the widowed Captain von Trapp. Her growing rapport with the von Trapp children, coupled with her generosity and spirit, gradually captures the heart of the stern Captain von Trapp. Upon returning from their honeymoon they discover that the Nazis have invaded Austria and have demanded the Captain’s immediate service in their navy. This sets off a rollicking adventure towards the mountains of Switzerland, and freedom.

We sat at the foyer stall :) the view was great. But the ticket was quite expensive :(

I bought the sound track :D the songs are really nice. and the t-shirt too hee ehee

I really enjoy watching musical ^_^

muz continue to watch it even when i am in aussie :)

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Home In Australia Friday, April 22, 2005

Blog again :D
Haiz..... have been busy wif my Uni stuffs...... ahhhhhh so many things to do........

Juz send in my apprication for unsw apartment.... hope i get it..... haiz.......
Is realli difficult to fill up the application..... they even ask about the type of books i read, musical,my major accomplishment and etc.....
They even ask why i wish to stay there..... i realli wanted to pen down tat the reason is "I Dun Have A Place To Stay!!!!!" haa ahaaa but Mic say cannot write tat so she taught me how to write hee ehee
Wif the help from Mic, i got my apprication done :D
"A Big Thank You To Mic " hee ehee :D
Phrasing sentence is very important :D muz learn from Mic..... yeah......
I have applied for Student Visa too, hope i get everything done as soon as possible
Most importantly a place to stay..........
Hope everything is fine :D

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My Trip To Hong Kong >_< Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Well is been awhile since i last blog......

Just came back frm Hong Kong..... is it fun????
Hw shld i describe it???? i felt tat the whole trip was like an amasing race cum survival......
I was sososo bloody tired after the trip tat i slept for two days........

Let's talk abt my trip......
First of all i muz say tat..... the whole trip my cousin and I were "Alone" in Hong Kong.......
hw did this happen....... i was suppose to be on a trip wif my aunt, two cousins, four ppl.....
unfortunately the first day of the trip... one of cousin fainted in the hotel after we had our lunch. so we had no choice but to rush her to the hospital. after consulting the doctor, the doctor said that her blood count was very low..... therefore is a muz for her to stay in the hospital..
To stay in a oversea hospital... seriously we find tat is not tat safe.... therefore my family members advise her to return to Singapore immediately. so my aunt had to accompany her back to Singapore.

This was hw my the other cousin and i ended up in Hong Kong alone.......
Although it was not a big deal travelling alone without any adult.... but mentally i was not prepared.....

so we started our own vacation.....
Day 2
we had a half day tour organised by the tour agency. we went yum cha in the morning. sampan ride in the afternoon and visited a temple by the sea. not forgetting the sight-seeing at the Victoria peak. is too misty therefore the scenery was not that nice :(
In the late afternoon, my cousin and I, we went to the esprite warehouse..... we spent almost one hour to find the place....... but when we finally found it.... it was like OMG is this esprite????? the whole place was disgusting.... the clothes were very chi-na..... luckily i managed to find four T-Shirt... I bought jackets too, cos it was quite cheap..... haiz... pathetic.....
before going back to our hotel..... we went to star avenue...... there isn't anything.... is juz full of celebraties hand print...... haiz.....
Actualli i wanted to visit the "teddy bear kingdom" we spent like one hour to search for the place but we juz couldn't find it.... so we decided to ask the policeman... guess wat he says??? the place has been closed long ago.... can you believe it..... is still on the map....
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i'm going MAD.................

So for the next two days............. we visited many places like the bird garden, wang ta sin temple, the temple street. ladies street and a famous shopping centre called the " Time Square"
Guess who i saw there... tada "Wu Hao Kang" dun no who he was.... anyone know???? pls kindly tell me by tagging me :)
i video cam his face cos my cousin said tat mayb one of these days he would become a superstar. haa haaa

The whole trip we have been using our wu ling mi zi which is the map.... there was one time tat we wanted to go to Mong Kok but we ended up in Shiang Shui Poi. cos my cousin went the wrong way...... haa ahaa so stupid of us....

hw i find the ppl there??? seriously i dun realli like them..... they have no manners..... they juz bump into you without saying sorry and have the face to say that we bumped into them..... haiz...... when we went to the temple we kanna conned my those old lady...... actualli we wanted to buy juz the joss stick not the paper but they handed us everything.... and insist tat we shld buy... in the end we bought... but in the end.... the paper cannot be burn so we had no choice but to left it on the table..... so "Stupid" of us..... haiz.............

Overall the whole trip had been fruitful :) we learnt hw to read a map haa ahaa
The only things we bought were T-shirt..... my mum said tat we went at the wrong season..... haiz.....

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My Last Day Of Work.... Sunday, April 03, 2005

1-Apr-2005 "April Fool" marked the last day of my tempt job in an american company (company name confidential)
Is kinda sad to leave this job..... but in the end i still quit..... cos the journey was quite far

I was in the finance department. is not relevant to the course tat i was studying :( but is part-time so is like dat..... my job scope is simple... "Credit Controller" in short "Legal AH Long"
Wat i did?? sending reminder letters (like hanging pig's head), calling up customers and sending email to them to ask for payment......

I have three different Catergory of customers....

  1. Good customers tat always pay on time
  2. Customer who dun pay
  3. Customer who made double payment
Interesting rite.....
Customer who refuse to pay will give all short of ridiculous answers.....
Eg. my boss not in singapore so payment cannot be made, I didn't receive the invoices or they juz simply ignore ur call......
Haiz..... nw i understand hw "ah long" feel when they can't get their $$$

My reporting boss always say tat we are like "beggars" begging for $$
but i think tat we are worst than tat.... cos we have been providing a service to the end we still have to beg them to pay.... wat kind of logic is tat......

Anyway.... we are not here to get free salary so have to bear wif it... no choice....

Above is a summary of my tempt job ;)
I will miss all my colleagues :(

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